The one thing I regret is that I will never have time to read all the books I want to read.
--Francoise Sagan

Friday, February 19, 2010

Weeping Underwater Looks a Lot Like Laughter by Michael J. White

I was intrigued by the title, the cover, and the blurb on the jacket flap...reassured by the fact that it's a Barnes and Noble "Discover Great New Writers" book. I bought it impulsively...without reading the first chapter or even the first page (as I ordinarily would)...Excited to dive in, I settled on the couch on a snowy afternoon, ready for an awesome read.

Just a couple pages in, I knew I'd made a terrible mistake. The writing is so clunky and contrived. I just can't get past it. Sixty pages in, I'm done, and I don't abandon books often. In fact, I can probably count the number of books I've started but not finished on one hand (Heart of Darkness, Heir to the Glimmering World, Girls In Trucks...). There truly aren't willpower is pretty strong. But the thought of picking this one up again has completely stalled my reading life. It's just laying there on the table waiting, and I am doing everything I can to avoid it.

And there really are too many great books out there for me to force myself through this the exciting prospect of deciding what's up next!

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